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The Christian school is to prepare God’s children for a lifetime of ministry. There must be a clear calling that goes along with the training. A trained football player who does not know the quarterback’s signals is of little help to his team. A trained Christian who dose not know the call God has on his life is of little help to his Lord.

Roy Leon Lowrie, Pearls from the Proverb

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Our Values

Advancing Enduring Ideas

The Center advances biblical truths that define the distinctive beliefs and practices of the modern Christian school movement. The Lowrie Center believes that these enduring ideas must be taught, better understood, promoted through professional literature, and faithfully applied as the Christian school movement continues its worldwide growth.


The Center promotes networking with like-minded in-service providers and a forum for those who work to find solutions to contemporary issues, develop strategies to teach more effectively from a biblical worldview, and conduct and implement research within Christian schools. We embrace the idea that we are “Stronger Together.”


The Center values innovation and forward thinking and invites innovative schools to showcase their work by hosting the Lowrie Center PD Institutes. PD Institutes identify and encourage speakers to present newly developed strategies or frameworks during its annual PD Institutes.

Academic Excellence

The Lowrie Center supports the beliefs of Dr. Roy W. Lowrie Jr. whose life and legacy was the inspiration for the Lowrie Center. His exhortation that, “No child should take (or experience) an academic penalty to get a Christian education” is still an imperative. Every child should be fully prepared to successfully pursue their calling. Excellence involves the education of the whole child, developmentally appropriate instruction, instruction that flows from a biblical worldview, and is transformational—life changing by nature. It is education that is grounded In Truth from both the Bible and truths uncovered by research (general revelation or creation ordinances).

Living Curriculum

Dr. Lowrie referred to the administration, teachers and staff members as “the gold in the bank”. Christian school education flows from teachers who are committed followers of Jesus, walk in the Spirit, and model what is being taught. Christian schooling is life on life education. Professional development therefore involves the integration of professional and spiritual development.

Remembering Roy W. Lowrie Jr.

Recognized as one of the fathers of Christian schooling in America, Roy Walter Lowrie Jr., was the founding president of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and headmaster of Deleware County Christian Schools in Newtown Square, PA for over 25 years. Throughout his ministry his focus and passion was on the next generation, both students and those that served within Christian schools.

He labored to establish schools that would be distinctively Christian and academically excellent. His vision led to establishing one of the first graduate programs focused on administrating and teaching within Christian Schools. These Grace Theological Seminary graduate programs were transferred to Columbia International University in the fall of 1994, where they, including a Ph.D. in Christian School Administration, continue to impact Christian school educators around the world.

Dr. Lowrie penned, in remembrance of his friend John Dunlap (founder of Norfolk Christian School), his passion and concern for the future within the Christian School Administrator and Teacher journal (Summer, 1981):

As the Lord quietly takes men and women who are leaders in the Christian School movement home to glory, their places must be filled by new people of like faith, vision, commitment, and sacrifice. We need young men and women who will serve Christ in Christian schools with their whole hearts. We need those who will study and pray to become well qualified Christian educators. We need those who will pay the price to become highly qualified administrators. We need those who will earn doctorates and become college professors who understand the Christian school’s philosophy and can train students properly. We need those who will mature into respected graduate school professors.

This need was fulfilled, in part, through three of Dr. Lowrie’s own children, Dr. Janet Lowrie Nason, Dr. Ellen Lowrie Black, and the late Dr. Roy Leon Lowrie, who have taught and continue to teach the next generation of leadership.

The Lowrie Center for Christian School Education is dedicated to “carry on” with the faith, vision, commitment and sacrifice of Roy W. Lowrie Jr.

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