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The mission of Transformed PD is to nurture the thinking and expertise of Christian school educators through relational teaching. Conversation is key; by engaging in modeling, small group discussion, and large group interactive learning, your team will receive informed and friendly training that can be implemented quickly.

Foundation Worldview provides curricular materials and professional development opportunities that equip Christian educators to help elementary students carefully evaluate every idea they encounter and understand that the biblical worldview lines up with reality in a way that no other worldview does.

The Teacher Education program focuses on equipping Christian educators to think, teach, and lead biblically in educational settings throughout the world. This approach provides a biblical foundation for a career in teaching. Graduates will think biblically about the profession of teaching as well as the nature and needs of children. They will be equipped to serve in Christian, international, public, mission, home, charter, and private schools.

Degrees offered include:

Undergraduate degree in Teacher education with a Bible core, Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Education in the following concentrations:

  • Early Childhood
  • Educational Administration
  • Global Migration
  • Instruction and Learning
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Spiritual Formation
  • TESOL Educational Specialist

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership

Our mission is to develop and implement instructional strategies for training educators to cognitively modify students to become more effective learners. NILD is a teacher training organization equipping educators with the tools and experience necessary to bring transformative interventions to students who struggle to learn. NILD Educational Therapy® teaches how to learn by developing thinking skills. NILD’s techniques are language-based, are accredited by the International Dyslexia Association, and develop vulnerable areas of thinking. We turn cognitive weaknesses into strengths, transform self-confidence into competence, and convert struggling students into independent lifelong learners.
We are a group of educational therapists located in North and South Carolina who gather three times a year to refresh, refine, and regroup our learner development skills and focus. In February, we host a one-day conference to the community at large to encourage parents, classroom educators and educational therapists to better meet the needs of the 21century learner. Our organization is grounded in the work of the National Institute for Learner Development (NILD).

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